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There are not that many things that are more annoying than a slow internet speed and WiFi “dead zones” around your house… It takes forever to load a single website, video buffering takes so long that you don’t even want to watch it anymore, and constantly “breaking” video calls bring endless frustration instead of happiness. Sounds familiar? Then there’s a perfect solution that solves all these irritating issues in seconds – and it’s called RangeXTD!

This compact yet powerful device allows you to increase your WiFi’s range by “grabbing” a signal from your router and amplifying it to reach even the furthest corners of your house!


If you’re experiencing a slow internet connection, you’ve probably already tried many different ways to fix it. Most of the solutions that might fix WiFi “dead zones”, such as moving your router, switching to a different WiFi channel, or using a wired connection are not only inconvenient, but also complicated or even impossible for some. Calling your internet provider never helps, too, and they always want you to pay more to upgrade your already expensive service… and even then things don’t get better!

RangeXTD is compact in size but mighty at work. There are usually multiple devices that are using WiFi under the same roof – even this is no longer a problem with this genius device. The best thing about RangeXTD is that you don’t need any special knowledge or extra equipment to make it work – it connects and works together with your existing router after simply plugging it into the wall outlet. Your WiFi speed and coverage improves instantly across the entire house and you don’t even have to pay more to your internet provider!


The signal of most router boxes nowadays is usually too weak to serve the needs of modern home. Not only it’s not enough to use with more than one device, it usually doesn’t even go through tougher walls, multiple floors, or various other obstacles…

You probably know what result that brings – long loading times, video buffering, poor overall connection… RangeXTD solves your connectivity problems in 3 simple steps:

  • Plug the device into any outlet in your house (extra tip: works even better when plugged about halfway in between the “dead spot”). For your convenience, there also is a built-in LED lamp that indicates signal strength – this lets you know if you have chosen a good spot to plug in your extender.
  • Connect it to your router;
  • Enjoy increased signal coverage in every corner of your house!

But how exactly does this work, you’d ask? RangeXTD is a two cutting-edge WiFi router and powerful amplifier in one tiny box – it receives your already existing WiFi signal, extends its range at higher frequencies than your router, and then distributes already stronger and more stable signal around your house! It’s that simple!


  • Makes your WiFi signal stronger and more reliable
  • Supports fast download and upload speeds as well as range of your current router
  • Has dual built-in antennas that help with signal strength (supports wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps)
  • Could be connected anywhere around your house
  • Eliminates WiFi “dead zones”
  • Easy to install
  • Compact in size
  • WPS Function
  • Affordable to anyone!


RangeXTD brings the benefits that would be highly appreciated by anyone who needs stronger and more reliable internet speed and a wider coverage area at their home or workspace. Whether you’re a passionate gamer, lover of the movies, or a simple student who needs all the information to be available at all times – RangeXTD will help to meet everyone’s needs.


Five reasons:

  • Reliability – immediately after connecting, you will be able to play online games, watch movies, YouTube, enjoy uninterrupted video calls and much more with your far-reaching and stronger WiFi connection!
  • Incredibly easy installation – just plug it in, connect, and enjoy!
  • Universal – compatible with any WiFi router, phone, laptop, or tablet;
  • Simple and self-contained – it’s a mini plug-in device without external antennas;
  • Cost-effective – significantly improves your WiFi connection without the need to pay more for your internet provider.


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RangeXTD is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.